August 19, 2023

How Many Calories in 4 Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings are undeniably one of the most delicious and versatile foods around. They're portable, full of protein and endlessly customizable, and are an essential component to pizza delivery, parties, sporting events and so much more. But as a popular food, they also cause quite a bit of controversy. Drums versus flats, spicy versus mild and bone-in versus boneless are just a few of the debates that can get heated when it comes to this culinary masterpiece. But even more important than the debates surrounding these iconic snacks is how to eat them. And as it turns out, there's a right way to do so and a wrong way that takes far longer and leaves too much meat behind.

This article will teach you how to eat your chicken wings the correct way so that you can enjoy all of the flavor and texture without wasting any meat or calories. Start by picking up a flat chicken wing with the fingers of both hands and locating the end with the larger protrusion of bones. Remove the small piece of cartilage on this end if desired and then locate the smaller bone on the opposite end. Squeeze the other end firmly and twist to loosen it, then pull it out. Repeat with the other smaller bone and discard or eat it as desired. You should now have a perfectly boned flat chicken wing that is 100% meat and skin.

While chicken can be high in calories when it's covered in extra breading and fried, when prepared correctly it can be part of a healthy diet. To reduce the amount of calories in your chicken wings, opt for baked or grilled instead of fried and choose sauces and seasonings that are lower in calories than msg-laden dry rubs and fatty buttery sauces.


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