July 16, 2023

How Many Calories Are in a Chicken Taco?

Chicken is a popular lean protein that can add flavor and texture to tacos. Tacos are also a convenient meal option for busy people because they can be prepared quickly and easily at home or eaten at restaurants. However, it’s important to consider the calories and other nutritional information of the ingredients that are used to make a taco. Using high-quality meat, low-fat cheese and fresh vegetables can help reduce the fat and sodium content of tacos. In addition, opting for whole grain tortillas or shells can increase the fiber content of the tacos.

The amount of calories in a chicken taco depends on the type of ingredients and how they are prepared. For example, grilled chicken, which is often marinated in flavorful spices, is a healthy choice because it has less fat and is higher in protein than fried chicken.

Toppings can also add a significant number of calories to a taco. For example, adding sour cream can increase the total number of calories by 80-100 calories. A healthier alternative is to use Greek yogurt. Other healthy toppings include avocado, pico de gallo, or Mexican cheeses such as Cotija and queso fresco.

Depending on the portion size, two chicken tacos can contain up to 600 calories. The good news is that the calories in a taco can be reduced by using more healthy toppings such as vegetables and lean meats, choosing whole grain tortillas or shells, and skipping the added sugar and salt in salsas or sauces.


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