November 20, 2023

How Long is a Watermelon Good For?

Watermelons are loaded with vitamin C, an important nutrient that can improve our immune system and speed wound healing. This fruit is also a great source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. This is why it's important to know how long a watermelon is good for, as it can help us make smarter choices about what we eat.

When it comes to whole watermelons, they typically last a week on the counter at room temperature and up to two weeks in the fridge. Keep in mind that these times are estimates and the exact shelf life of watermelon depends on several factors, including the weather, how it was transported to the store, and its packaging.

If you want to enjoy watermelon for a longer period of time, it's recommended that you refrigerate it right away. It is recommended to cut up only the amount of watermelon that you and your household intend to eat within the next few days, so that you can get rid of it at the right moment.

When it comes to sliced watermelon, bacteria can easily enter and spoil it quickly, even if it is stored at a cold, dark spot. That is why it's important to pay close attention to the expiration date on precut watermelons purchased from grocery stores, as these can be very prone to going bad quickly. It is also a good idea to discard any watermelon that looks off for any reason, including moldy spots, large bruises, or discoloration.


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