December 12, 2023

How Long Is 24 Months in Years?

As your baby grows, you may have questions about the conversion between time units. For example, you might wonder, how long is 24 months in years? Here's a simple way to calculate it: Simply enter the number of months into this conversion calculator and the converter will automatically convert it to years.

Your 24-month-old is developing their motor skills. They can probably turn pages on a book or scribble with crayons. They can also stack Duplo-type blocks and move toys around with their hands. They are also developing their language skills and can probably identify different body parts and follow two-step directions.

At this point, your tot may start the Terrible Twos, a common milestone in toddlerhood. Seventy-five percent of kids go through it, but it's not always as terrible as it sounds. Your toddler might have tantrums because they're mad, frustrated or sad, but you can help them calm down by teaching them how to express their feelings. Some children calm with hugs, while others respond to redirection.

Your 24-month-old's height and weight should be within the average height and weight percentiles for their age. If they don't, talk to your pediatrician. They can determine if your tot is growing as expected or if there are any concerns. Your doctor can also help you make sure your tot is getting enough calcium and vitamin D by recommending that they continue to drink 16 ounces of whole milk daily, or low-fat dairy products.


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