August 18, 2023

How Long Does the Webster Technique Take to Work?

Many OB-GYNs and midwives have started to recommend prenatal chiropractors that specialize in the Webster technique to patients who are showing signs of breech presentation. It is a safe, gentle and effective adjustment to the sacrum (bottom part of the spine) for expectant mothers who are trying to turn a malpositioned baby.

This non-invasive, drug free treatment was developed by a renowned chiropractor Dr. Larry Webster. He discovered this prenatal chiropractic method as a safe means to restore pelvic balance and function in pregnant women. The chiropractic technique has a reported 82% success rate in turning breech babies to the head down vertex position.

The Webster technique is performed with the mother in a lying down position on a special pregnancy pillow. The chiropractor will gently examine the pelvic and Sacroiliac (SI) joints for misalignments or imbalances that could be contributing to a breech presentation. Once these areas are identified the chiropractor will perform a series of gentle mobilization techniques to correct these issues. The chiropractor may also use soft tissue work on the round ligaments of the uterus to help the baby assume a head down position.

During this process there is no pain involved, however, there can be some soreness after the treatment as your body releases toxic build ups in muscles and joints. This is a normal part of the healing process and should go away within a few hours. This specialized prenatal chiropractic treatment is a more natural and safer alternative to obstetrical maneuvers like the external cephalic version that have been shown to increase the likelihood of a C-section delivery.


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