August 19, 2023

How Long Does Kybella Take to Heal?

Kybella is a cosmetic injectable that reduces submental fat and eliminates the double chin. The FDA-approved treatment uses a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance that helps the body process dietary fats. When injected into the skin, it causes the fat cells to break down and be filtered away. The result is a slimmer neck and a more contoured jawline.

After a Kybella treatment, you may experience pain, swelling, bruising or tenderness in the injection area. These symptoms are typically mild and will subside on their own within a few days. During this time, it’s best to use ice packs and take over-the-counter pain relievers to help decrease discomfort. If the discomfort is severe, it’s important to contact your doctor immediately.

The most common side effect of Kybella is swelling. It can last for several days or up to a month after the treatment. Some people experience more than others, depending on how much fat is removed during a Kybella session and the patient’s unique genetics.

Swelling after a Kybella procedure can be lessened by icing the area, sleeping with the head elevated or massaging the lymphatic area around the injection sites. Taking an over-the-counter antihistamine, such as Cetirizine, may also be helpful.

Although Green and Fallek do not have a set limit to how many Kybella sessions a person can receive, they both recommend waiting until after pregnancy and nursing before receiving the treatment. Additionally, they advise patients to avoid the treatment if they have trouble swallowing or have an infection in the injection area.


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