November 19, 2023

How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last?

A shroom trip lasts from about an hour to six hours. The time it takes for the effects to start kicking in varies from person to person, and depends on factors like how many mushrooms are eaten and their potency.

Most people take magic mushrooms orally by eating them raw, cooked into food, or crushed up and soaked in lemon juice in a technique known as “lemon tekking.” In any case, the psilocybin in mushrooms starts to work its magic within 10 to 40 minutes of consumption.

Once the psychedelic effects of shrooms kick in, they can make dancing feel primal and embodied. They can transform a crowded club or rave into a small slice of heaven. A good dose of psychedelics can also help people overcome trauma and heal from depression and anxiety. But despite the positive results of psilocybin, it’s still important to remember that taking any drug can be dangerous.

Taking too many shrooms can cause hallucinations and a feeling of being unwell. It can also be dangerous to drive a car or operate machinery while high. It’s also important to follow safety tips when using psilocybin and to always be aware of your surroundings.

Most routine drug tests cannot detect psilocybin because it is metabolized quickly in the body. However, a hair follicle test could detect the drug if it is used a few days before the test. But this type of testing is expensive and not common.


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