November 29, 2023

How Long Do English Bulldogs Live?

Many components influence the life expectancy of a canine. Some factors are more within a dog’s control like their diet, activity schedule, and weight management. However, the size of a canine is usually a factor that adds to or subtracts from their overall life expectancy. For example, smaller dogs live longer than giant dogs. The English Bulldog falls within the medium-sized range and has a typical lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

One of the major elements that can shorten an English Bulldog’s lifespan is obesity. This can lead to joint problems, respiratory issues, and heart diseases. Ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight and eats a balanced, nutritious diet.

Another important factor is dental health. English Bulldogs are prone to gum disease, so regular teeth cleaning is important. Additionally, you should teach your dog to eat soft food to prevent their teeth from grinding and tearing.

Exercise is also a key component in ensuring that your English Bulldog will live a long life. They should be exercised daily to fulfill their primal canine instinct and keep them fit. When exercising your bulldog, make sure they are on a leash and not running free. They are prone to slipping out of their collars and losing their way. In addition, you should teach them to heel and follow you instead of other people or animals.

It is also important to keep your English Bulldog inside during extreme hot or cold weather. They have a hard time breathing in heat and can become dehydrated quickly. If your dog is showing signs of respiratory distress, such as wheezing or difficulty breathing, contact your vet immediately.


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