November 19, 2023

How Heavy is a Gallon of Milk?

Milk is a beverage that is widely consumed around the world. It can be found in a variety of forms, including whole, skim, and reduced-fat. Some people may wonder how much a gallon of milk weighs, especially those who are concerned about their grocery shopping or need to transport large quantities of milk. In this article, we will take a look at the weight of a gallon of milk and some other key facts about this liquid.

One gallon of milk has a density of 0.907 kg/L, which means that it weighs approximately 8.6 pounds per gallon in the US standard measurement system. This is also the equivalent of 3.9 kilograms in the metric system. However, a gallon of milk is not as light as water due to its fat content. A gallon of milk containing 3.5% fat is a little heavier than a gallon of water, but this difference is minimal.

In addition to its fat content, milk has other components that add to its overall weight. Water only makes up 87% of a gallon of milk, while the remainder is made up of other substances. Therefore, a gallon of milk will always be slightly heavier than a gallon of water.

Besides being a popular beverage, milk is also an ingredient in many recipes. People have even been known to compete in milk-drinking contests, with the goal of finishing a gallon of milk as quickly as possible. For example, a man went viral on TikTok in 2021 for drinking a gallon of milk in 13 seconds.


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