March 29, 2024

How Does Mindfulness Relate to Spirituality?

Mindfulness is an engaging practice of paying attention and accepting what's happening now without judgment, without judgment or projection of thoughts into the future. It is a form of meditation which can help manage difficult emotions while decreasing stress levels. Mindfulness also can increase body and surroundings awareness, leading to more quality time spent outside. Studies show it reduces anxiety, pain and depression while simultaneously increasing positive emotions such as happiness and compassion.

Spirituality is the practice of finding meaning and purpose in one's life, whether through religious beliefs and practices or moral philosophy questions such as life's meaning, consciousness or immortality. Spirituality often results in feelings of connection to others and the world as well as faith that there exists an external power that guides our actions.

How Does Mindfulness Relate to Spirituality? Mindfulness helps us pay attention to our bodies and minds - both positive and negative experiences alike - letting go of all that's going on without getting caught up in any highs or lows of experience.

Mindfulness can be practiced while doing daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning or walking. Formal meditation classes or guided mindfulness sessions may also be available online. Some forms of mindfulness practice may prove challenging for those living with psychosis and it is wise to consult a mental health professional prior to embarking on any mindfulness practices.


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