December 11, 2023

How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

As a mutable earth sign, virgos are very stable individuals that seek security in relationships. They are also very loyal and want to know that the people they love and are dating only have eyes for them. This is why they often test their partners to see if they truly care about them.

One way a virgo man tests you is by putting you in difficult situations that are outside of your comfort zone. For example, he may ask you to talk to his friends about sensitive topics to see how you handle them. He wants to make sure that you can discuss sensitive topics calmly and empathetically without getting too emotional or defensive. This shows him that you can be a dependable partner that he can trust to listen to him and offer his support when needed.

Moreover, he will test you by asking you to help him with his work or projects. He wants to see if you can work under pressure and take criticism well. In this way, he will gauge your emotional stability and see how far you are willing to go for him and the relationship. He will also look for signs that you are self-sufficient and have your own life apart from him. This is important to him because he admires women who can value their own lives and not need to depend on men to make them happy.

Besides, he will test you by introducing you to his male friends and watching how you interact with them. He will observe your body language, mannerisms, and how you communicate with these guys. He will then judge if your values and interests are compatible with his, which is an essential requirement in any serious relationship.


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