September 12, 2023

How Do You Smoke Mullein?

Mulein has been used for hundreds of years as a cough remedy and herbal lung and respiratory aid. Its leaves and flowers contain mucilage, which coats the mucous membranes inside the lungs and throat and reduces inflammation. It also contains antibacterial compounds. Mullein is an excellent base for herbal smoke blends, as it has a very neutral smoke flavor and doesn’t negatively affect the flavors of other herbs when smoked.

Inhaling mullein’s soothing smoke soothes the lungs, calming the agitated respiratory muscles and serving as an expectorant to mobilize tough stagnant mucus for expulsion from the lungs, allowing you to breathe more easily. Mullein can be smoked on its own, or paired with other herbs to create an herbal cough suppressant that is effective against bronchitis, pneumonia, flu symptoms and asthma attacks.

Mullein is a great earache herb, too. It’s a natural remedy for ear infections that can be caused by bacteria or parasites and is also effective against earaches from loud music, loud voices or other environmental sources. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease pain and discomfort of earaches.

Mullein has some potential side effects, including allergic reactions to handling the plant, and is not recommended for long term use. It may interact with certain medications, so it’s important to always do your research before trying new herbal remedies. Also, pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid smoking mullein because there is not enough scientific evidence that it’s safe for them.


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