November 19, 2023

How Do Yellow and Green Make What Color?

Yellow and green make what color is a common question for any painter or artist. The simple answer is that yellow and green create a variety of shades, from the pale tones of grass or moss to the deep hues of a dense forest. The exact shade depends on the proportions of each color, as well as the specific yellow and green paint colors used. The more yellow is mixed with the green, the lighter it will be. Similarly, the more green is mixed with the yellow, the darker it will be.

When mixed together, the primary colors of yellow and green create a tertiary color known as yellow-green or chartreuse. This color is a very vibrant and bright shade, but it can also be toned down by adding more yellow or green to the mix. Mixing a primary color with the secondary color that lies next to it on the color wheel never creates a new color, only a different version of the two colors.

The specific shade of yellow and green used will also impact the resulting shade of green, with lighter or more luminous tones created with a paler yellow color, while deeper and lusher tones are created using a richer golden yellow color. This is why it is important to get out and practice painting a wide range of colors, especially if you are focusing on mixing different shades of green. Whether you are creating the soft tones of a garden or the deep tones of a forest, this skill will open up many more possibilities for your paintings and projects.


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