February 28, 2024

How Can I Quickly Order New Glasses: Fast Solutions for Broken Frames

Breaking your glasses can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you rely on them for daily activities. However, quickly replacing broken frames doesn't have to be a complicated process. With today's online options, you can order new glasses with ease and have them sent directly to you in no time. The key is knowing your prescription details and frame measurements, and choosing a reputable online eyewear store.

When you're looking to replace your glasses quickly, it's important to verify that the retailer can meet your specific needs, such as lens types and coatings. Many sites offer a virtual try-on feature that allows you to see how different frames will look on your face. This, along with clear product descriptions and straightforward ordering processes, makes finding and purchasing your new glasses online both fast and efficient.

Key Takeaways

  • Replacing broken glasses can be quick and straightforward with the use of online retailers.
  • Ensure you have your prescription details and frame measurements ready before ordering.
  • Look for services that provide virtual try-ons and detailed product descriptions for a smooth purchase.

Determining Your Needs

Before you begin the process of ordering new glasses, understanding the extent of the repair required and the updates needed for your lenses and prescription is crucial.

Assessing the Damage

Closely inspect your broken glasses to determine if the damage is limited to the frames or if it also extends to the lenses. If your frames are broken but the lenses are intact, you may only need a frame replacement, which can be a quicker fix. For complete damage, consider options for same day glasses to minimize any disruption to your daily activities.

Reviewing Prescription Updates

Check when your last eye exam was to ensure your prescription is up to date. If it's been more than a year or you’ve noticed changes in your vision, schedule an appointment with your optometrist to avoid delays in receiving your replacement glasses with the correct prescription.

Choosing Replacement Lenses

Once you have assessed the state of your glasses and confirmed your prescription, decide if you need to order new lenses. If your existing lenses are scratched or outdated, it might be time to consider a lens upgrade, keeping in mind that materials like polycarbonate or high-index plastic can offer durability and better clarity.

Ordering and Replacement Process

When you need to replace your broken eyeglasses quickly, the process involves selecting where to make the purchase, placing your order, and understanding the warranty and return policies.

Selecting a Retailer or Optometrist

To start, identify a retailer or optometrist that can provide the replacement lenses you need for your progressive eyeglasses. Consider whether you need an updated prescription, which may necessitate a visit to your local optometrist. Insurance coverage is also a consideration; verify if the provider accepts your plan. Online retailers often offer a broad selection and the convenience of shipping directly to your home.

Placing the Order

Upon selecting a retailer, place your order including specific details about your lens prescription and frame style. If in a hurry, check for expedited shipping options—some services offer next-day glasses. Ensure that you provide accurate information to avoid delays. If you need your eyeglasses quickly, look for retailers with a reputation for dependable customer service and fast turnaround.

Understanding the Warranty and Return Policies

Before finalizing your purchase, review the retailer's warranty and refund policy. It’s essential to understand what protections are in place should there be an issue with your replacement eyeglasses. Reputable retailers will guarantee the quality of your new eyeglasses and offer a refund policy if they don't meet your expectations.


When your eyeglasses break, you have several quick options to resolve the issue. Consider using a repair kit to fix minor damages or visit a professional if the problem is beyond simple repairs. If replacement is necessary, ensure that you have your current prescription details at hand for a swift ordering process. Remember, regular maintenance of your glasses can prevent unexpected breaks and prolong their life.


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