March 16, 2024

Holistic Nutrition - A Form of Natural Healing

Holistic approaches to nutrition tend to focus on treating both mind and body holistically. Holistic nutrition, an approach of natural healing, utilizes diet changes and supplements as ways of supporting overall wellness from every angle. A holistic nutritionist typically advocates for eating an organic whole food diet high in healthy fats and sufficient proteins - providing support for physical, chemical, emotional health while simultaneously protecting from environmental influences.

An integrative nutrition approach emphasizes connection and meaning. It stresses the value of building meaningful relationships within community settings as well as engaging in sustainable practices such as supporting local farmers or reducing food waste. Furthermore, holistic nutritionists may incorporate spiritual theories such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine or diet plans like ancestral eating, raw foods cleansing or vegetarianism into a nutrition plan for clients.

Finally, holistic nutritionists take an holistic approach to gut health and are equipped to identify infections, sensitivities, or imbalances that disrupt digestive harmony. With personalized nutrition plans and activities like gentle yoga for digestion in place, holistic nutritionists aim to restore, bolster, and diversify gut microbiome for greater well-being overall.

Holistic nutritionists work closely with their clients or patients to identify how the foods they eat affect their mental and emotional health, educate on nutrition labels, and make informed choices when making diet selections. In some instances, they may recommend specific dietary supplements tailored specifically to an individual or addressing particular health concerns.


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