March 19, 2024

Holistic Living - 3 Steps to Holistic Living

Many individuals who rely solely on conventional medicine report feeling less than optimal health. They may experience weight gain, low energy, poor sleep quality, foggy thinking and side effects from medications they are taking. Holistic living offers them hope by treating root causes rather than only treating symptoms.

One way to start living holistically is to prioritize physical health through healthy meals and adequate exercise, while creating a relaxing sleep routine with regular bedtimes and creating a relaxing environment. Also important: taking an intentional approach to self-care by listening more mindfully to what your body tells you - for example when suffering a headache instead of immediately reaching for over-the-counter drugs try listening and understanding what your body needs such as more fiber or rest or even just relaxing more.

Last, holistic living requires nurturing your spirit by forging meaningful self-relations and relationships with others, whether romantic, platonic, toxic, dysfunctional, meaningful relationships that foster belonging. Loving oneself first while practicing mindfulness meditation or other forms of relaxation to relieve stress and boost mood is also key.


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