February 6, 2024

Holistic Approaches to Treating ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities

When my sister was diagnosed with ADHD, we were confused. We had no idea what ADHD is and what it does to your brain. My sister didn’t take it well either. She was facing something she had never even heard of before.

It took us hours of research and study to enhance our knowledge about ADHD And to figure out in what ways we could make things easier for her. We talked to doctors, used a variety of methods, and ended up realizing ADHD is not so scary after all.

Then I thought, there are still so many people out there dealing with ADHD, having no idea what they should do. So I decided to step up. Help those who are going through what we experienced.

In today’s blog, I am going to speak about what I have learned in this process and how ADHD affected my sister’s life. Whether you or someone you know is dealing with ADHD, you can find help and increase your knowledge in this article. Stay with us!

ADHD: From Symptoms To Diagnosis

ADHD, also known as “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,” is a neurodevelopmental disorder. This is a condition of lack of concentration and hyperactivity. People with ADHD have a hard time focusing, sitting in one spot for too long, and may show impulsive behavior.

People with ADHD are mostly diagnosed at very young ages, which means they grow up learning how to deal with their condition. In other cases, like my sister’s, people are not diagnosed until they are 18 or older.

“I always knew something wasn’t right in my brain. I didn’t do well at school, and I had difficulty focusing on things. It would have been much easier if I were diagnosed as a child.” says my sister.

Are ADHD And Learning Disabilities The Same?

So many people, including me and my family, confused ADHD symptoms for learning disabilities. My sister never did well at school, and we jumped to the conclusion that she had learning disabilities.

Both ADHD and learning disabilities may have similar impacts on your daily life. However, it is vital to keep in mind that to avoid confusion, it is better to seek professional help from a psychiatrist.

What is a Holistic Approach?

The holistic approach says that people are not defined by their illness, and You can not use the same treatment routines for everyone. You should consider their physical and emotional condition as well.

How To Deal With ADHD

After she started taking medication, she immediately started to feel different. But my research wasn’t over yet.

I wanted to know what could possibly make things easier for her besides the medication.

And I realized by changing a few things in your daily routine, you can manage your ADHD even better.

Importance Of Nutrition

You will be surprised to hear that food plays a significant role in managing ADHD. So, it is essential to have a healthy diet based on your condition.

For instance, some specific foods like vitamin D could improve the process of ADHD treatment. Also, we found out it is better to avoid fast food and sugar. This way, you stay more concentrated, and your hyperactivity will be decreased.

This not only helps the treatment process it also helps you stay healthier than before.

Importance Of Exercise In ADHD: Let’s look at the physical aspect. My sister and I realized challenging your muscles in a basketball game or any other sport you find interesting helps you take control over your hyperactivity and handle them better than ever.

Besides physical activity, regular brain exercises can also help you with your sleeping schedule. You may know that people with ADHD often have difficulty sleeping. But physical activity solves this issue.

My sister chose yoga over other sports. And after a while, I could see how she was feeling better. But whether it is basketball or a relaxing exercise like yoga, ensure you are constantly engaged with physical activity to ease stress and anxiety.

ADHD Therapy

Of course, taking pills and creating healthy habits is an essential part of the treatment plan, but let’s take a deeper look at it and look for more professional methods!

Psychiatrists introduced three beneficial ADHD treatments that almost worked for everybody. These treatments make the whole process of healing a lot easier and more fun.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is a psychological treatment, through which you learn how to change the way you think about your problems. This way, you can have a better understanding of the issue.

You can also eliminate your negative thoughts and manage a healthier way of thinking and making decisions.

Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback therapy is a well-known method that helps you learn self-control and train your brain’s activity. This is a safe way of exercising the brain to relax and become more efficient.

The good thing is you won’t have to take a single medication. You could use this method to enhance your concentration in a healthy and super-relaxing way.

Art Therapy

It is always such a great pleasure to learn and grow through art.

Art has helped many people who were struggling with ADHD or other learning disabilities. By offering a fun and soul-touching environment, you can both concentrate and express yourself in a way you never thought was possible.

Research has shown art therapy targets one’s creativity and social skills, which makes it a great way to teach people with ADHD or learning disabilities.

What Role Do Other People Play?

Remember, the most effective treatment is the way other people support and treat those with ADHD or other learning disabilities. Families, friends, and teachers can provide helpful routines and emotional support to encourage those who are struggling.

Last Words

Now you know about ADHD, how you can deal with it, and what are the best methods that could help you go through this process easier. The truth is that by following some specific routines and creating some habits, ADHD can be managed.

Although people with ADHD face more challenges than ordinary people, that doesn’t mean they can't live a good life.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, our understanding of mental disorders like ADHD and such has changed a lot. When my sister was diagnosed, we thought she could never have an everyday life. But here she is now, a 32-year-old woman who runs a successful company and has three kids.

So don’t be afraid of asking for help; instead of panicking, learn how to grow through what you go through.


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