September 12, 2023

Herbal Smoke Shop Review

Since 1999 Herbal Smoke Shop has been the world’s favorite legal bud smoke shop. Their highly preferred herbal buds and blends are enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. These 100% legal exotic natural herbs and resins are of the absolute highest quality, really work, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied!

In the 'nature-wellness’ age, it's hard to ignore all the claims made about products being 'natural' and 'herbal'. Herbal cigarette makers have capitalized on this trend, but do they really work?

Dave Hersey has been seeing a lot of people in trouble in his parking lot at the Fish and Brews Pub in Saint John. They're stumbling or passing out, and Hersey knows what's the problem: the herbal cigarette sold next door at the Brilliant Smoke Shop.

The cigarette is called Herb Maestro, and it's unregulated and technically legal, but it causes a kind of high similar to that caused by marijuana. Herb Maestro is smoked in the same way as regular cigarettes, and it's been a popular item at the store, which sells them for $5.50 each.

At the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse in Moncton, senior research analyst Matthew Young says he's concerned about this new product. He says there's been very little testing, even when active ingredients are listed on the packaging. He says there's also a risk that treating plants like the ones in Herb Maestro could change their chemical composition, leading to unexpected effects.


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