September 12, 2023

Herb Prerolls

A sampler pack of our organic herbal blends, hand-rolled into a hemp paper cone with a black tip high flow filter. Each cone holds up to 3/4 of a gram depending on your grinder's consistency. Includes a sativa, a hybrid, and an indica blend. Each herbal smoke blend contains ZERO tobacco/nicotine or cannabis/weed/hemp/THC.

DAYDREAMER - A medium dream smoke blend that calms the mind and promotes lucidity. Made with a combination of herbs that have natural sedative-like properties and are known to induce clear, vivid dreams. Mullein aids in soothing the lungs, passionflower calms an overactive mind, chamomile has a beautiful therapeutic aroma and lavender relaxes the body. The combination of these herbs and mugwort helps to open the heart center and clear emotional blocks.

SYNC - A balancing combination of herbs to help with navigation of moon/astrological cycles and support a state of lucidity via sleep and meditation. Made with a combination of aphrodisiac and calming herbs like chamomile, rose, red raspberry leaf, mullein, linden flower, catnip, and mugwort.

BREAK - The break from tobacco smoking can be difficult, this herbal smoking pre roll is a great way to gently break old habits while assisting with clearing the lungs of emotional blockages. Made with a combination of herbs that support the respiratory system and clearing out emotional blockages held in the heart and lungs including a blend of organic mullein, lemon balm, vervain, wild yarrow, yerba santa, and motherwort.


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