March 19, 2023

Hemi Sync Meditation

hemi sync meditation

Hemi sync meditation helps you focus, transcend limiting thoughts and relax.

Hemi sync is an audio-guidance, binaural beat technology created by consciousness pioneer Robert Monroe that uses specially blended sounds to safely and gently guide the brain into various states ranging from deep relaxation to expanded mindfulness and beyond. The sounds are based on frequencies that are proven to safely and easily induce brain waves, which are thought to control all body functions such as breathing, heart rate, emotion, memory, learning, and much more.

These sounds are combined with verbal guidance or subtle sound effects and then a third sound, the binaural beat frequency, is added. The combination of these sounds and the verbal guidance or subtle sounds allows your brain to enter a specific state in which your mind can more easily access its own inner resources and self-awareness.

The patented Hemi-Sync(r) process alters cortical arousal states, attentional focus, and levels of awareness by providing information to the RAS in a way that facilitates enhanced inter-hemispheric communication, or brainwave coherence. In addition, the Hemi-Sync(r) process promotes cerebral laterality (less lateralized brains).

Hemi sync can help you achieve more focused attention and concentration in your day to day activities by allowing you to experience a more harmonious and synchronized brainwave activity in both of your brain hemispheres. This will increase your ability to stay focused on the task at hand, and will make it easier for you to accomplish your goals.


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