June 30, 2022

Helpful Tips To Stay Healthy & Happy While Traveling Alone, Long Term

It can be such a rewarding experience to travel solo around the world.

For first time solo travelers though, it can sometimes be quite stressful to navigate everything on your own. There’s so much to consider - money, safety, knowing your surroundings, finding places to work, and so much more. But, most times, it’s all about learning as you go. Just don't forget to use your Simify so you can stay connected and share the beautiful scenery online.

Below are some ways in which you can make your time away less stressful, and more memorable from experts we spoke to on the subject. These travelers have done it, researched it, written about it, and have even learned how to do it properly.

Take a break

The first tip is from us here at Kefi Mind and is all about taking a break.

Taking a break from traveling can be helpful when doing so long term. Always being on the go and not taking a day to recuperate can make you sick, tired and feel too exhausted to function. Always plan a day during the week to take a break from the travel and use this time to relax, read a book, go to a spa and be close to your accommodations. It can be helpful to take things slow for one day in order to feel more rejuvenated and on your toes.

Even using the time to plan your next stops and visits can be helpful as you will have a clear mind and be more focused as you simply take a day to rest and plan properly. Planning your travel when on the go can cause you to miss important details which can be very frustrating.

Make healthy choices

The next tip comes from Jakob Staudal, the Owner of HeadlessNomad, a popular website dedicated to writing in-depth articles that tackle outdoor-related problems to help people become one with nature and relieve some of all the stress our everyday lives consist of. Jakob urges that you must make healthy choices.

“Just because you are traveling, does not mean you should neglect your home routines. Staying fit by exercising, and eating properly are part of maintaining your health while traveling abroad. It is important to always make time to prepare healthy snacks and meals, as well as ensuring you make time for exercise to stay in top shape. This will help you to feel your best, and make traveling a more enjoyable experience. Try to look around at the facilities available to you, as many hotels or accommodations have a gym you can use free of charge. There could also be great walking trails where you are staying, so always ask the hotel or hostel staff where you can safely go to get some fresh air.”

Spread things out

When traveling long term, it can be tough to not want to see everything in one go. However, to make your experience more worthwhile, try to spread out your excursions. This will make the time you spend there more exciting, and it will also give you time to recuperate and be prepared for the next adventure.

Something to keep in mind as well is the times in which you go to see certain areas or monuments. It can be in your best interest to talk to locals to see what the best time of day is to go see them as there could be less tourists around. This will make for a much more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Create a travel budget

Our fourth tip is an important one as it relates to creating a budget you must stick to and comes from Rose Wismans, the Founder of FudgeMyLife.org.

“Traveling alone is extremely rewarding, and can be done very cheaply when you create a budget. Before you enter a new place, it can be helpful to simply write down how much money you have to spend on certain things like food, experiences, and transportation. You also want to make sure you have some extra money saved up for unexpected expenses when traveling. Some services might also expect tips, so it is a good idea to always have some local currency on hand in order to tip people appropriately.” Road trips are a great way to save on costs.

Wrapping this up:

Traveling alone is not easy and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll have to plan ahead, prepare yourself, and even spend money on supplies that will help you succeed as a solo traveler. From planning your meals, creating a budget, and more - these are integral parts of planning a solo trip on your own.


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