July 16, 2023

Hack Squats - What Do Hack Squats Target?

If you’re looking to build a bigger pair of legs, the hack squat is a great exercise to incorporate into your workout. Like other compound exercises, it targets multiple muscles in the lower body at once and can help you build a stronger, leaner physique.

Unlike traditional back squats, the hack squat puts more emphasis on the quadriceps muscle in the front of your legs. In addition to this primary target, the barbell hack squat also targets the glutes and other muscles in the rear of your legs. As with any loaded squat movement, the hack squat also works and trains your core muscles. Compared to the leg press machine, which places your feet in a more flexed position, the hack squat machine may place more emphasis on your glutes and adductor muscles, especially the inner part of your leg called the vastus medialis (also known as the teardrop muscle).

While the hack squat machine isn’t quite as “functional” as a back squat, it’s much more functional than many other leg development machines that require you to sit up straight or even lock out your knees at the top of the movement. The key difference with the hack squat machine is that it provides a safe way to get into and out of the squatting position, which can be challenging for beginners who may have issues keeping their back upright or their knees tracking over their toes when performing traditional back squats.


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