March 23, 2023

Guided Morning Meditation on You Tube

morning meditation you tube

Meditation is a wonderful practice that can make a huge difference in our lives. Research shows that it can reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase happiness and self-compassion.

It is important to start a meditation routine as soon as possible. This will help you build the habit and make it a part of your everyday life. It can also be challenging to find time to meditate, so it is important to make it a priority and set aside a specific time each day.

There are many different ways to meditate, and finding one that works for you is important. It is also important to find a place where you can sit comfortably and quiet your mind.

The best way to start a morning meditation session is by listening to a guided meditation video. These videos are designed to relax your body and help you focus on the present moment.

Guided Meditations on YouTube

There are thousands of guided meditations on you tube. Some are simple and easy to follow, while others have a deeper meaning. There are even some that teach you how to meditate in the traditional manner.

Calm - Sara and Les Raymond

The US couple behind this YouTube channel offer a variety of meditations for all moods and occasions. Their mission is to make the world healthier and happier through the superpower of calm. They share relaxing music, sleep stories and calm masterclasses on their channel.

You can find various guided meditations with topics such as peace and gratitude, or focus on your goals. They are a great way to start the day and help you feel more motivated and inspired.


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