March 23, 2023

Guided Meditation Weight Loss

guided meditation weight loss

Guided meditation weight loss is a great way to incorporate a holistic approach to losing weight. It's a less restrictive method than dieting or other fad diets and can have long-term benefits if done on a regular basis.

The benefits of guided meditation for weight loss are numerous, including stress reduction, increased self-awareness, and improved attention span. It also strengthens your ability to focus on what is right for you, and it can help you stick with your weight-loss routine day in and day out.

Reduction in Stress-Related Eating

Meditation is also a great way to reduce stress-related eating, which can fuel a cycle of unhealthy behaviors. Studies have shown that stress increases hormones in your body that store fat, which is what you don't want.

Reduction in Guilt/Shame-Related Eating

Mindful meditation helps you recognize your feelings and behaviors without judging them. It can help you stop the harmful spiral of shame and guilt that can occur when you fall into unhealthy habits, such as stress-eating.

Affirmations for a Better You

Meditation can also help you visualize your ideal body. To start, imagine what your ideal body looks like and how it would feel to have that body. Then, pick an affirmation to say to yourself that will encourage you to achieve your dream body.

Getting Started With Meditation

When you first begin to meditate, be sure to set a specific place for yourself and practice in private. You can even create a "meditation space" in your home or office to use for this purpose.


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