March 23, 2023

Guided Chakra Meditation

guided chakra meditation

Guided chakra meditation is a powerful way to rebalance and energize the energy centers in your body. This ancient practice is linked to physical and mental wellbeing, reducing stress and increasing your immunity.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that are believed to control different aspects of your life, including health, happiness and spirituality. Balancing your chakras through meditation and visualization has been linked to improved physical and emotional wellbeing.

Practicing a chakra meditation can help you balance and open each of your seven main energy centers. This will in turn improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being as you move through life’s challenges.

Start your meditation session with a deep breathing exercise that will ground you and allow the healing energy to flow through your body. Breathe in deeply for a count of four, then hold your breath for another count of four before exhaling gently out your mouth.

Next, focus on the base chakra or root center, which connects you to the earth and is the source of nourishment for your survival and basic needs. Feel the weight of your body resting on this chakra and see it taking in pranic energy from the ground below you.

Now imagine a bright yellowish orange life giving energy flowing in and encompassing the entire aura, breathing in this new energy along with your breath, seeing it grow stronger and more vibrant little by little. As you breathe in this life giving energy, keep it moving throughout your body and your entire being, feeling a sense of well-being, strength and balance.


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