March 30, 2024

Grounding Yoga Poses

grounding yoga poses

Grounding yoga poses are a great way to help us feel more grounded, resilient, and at peace. They connect us to our roots while awakening the earth element in our bodies - making practicing these poses in your home an incredible support when life throws you off balance, be it from work stress, love connections or simply unexpected hugs!

Staff Pose is an extremely grounding posture. By standing tall like a tree, this posture draws energy through the feet, body and tailbone into Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra), which represents earth elements within us all. Imagine sinking deeper roots into the earth while receiving energy and support.

Reclined Spinal Twist is a relaxing yet grounding yoga pose. Commonly used at the end of a practice as an "easy pose", this accessible posture encourages hip and spinal mobility while providing space for full breath cycles.

Bridge Pose is an excellent beginner yoga pose to help ground yourself during any class, perfect for beginner yogis just beginning their practice. This gentle stretch works to engage both back and side parts of the torso, while opening shoulders, wrists, core and thighs. If wide stance knees become painful over time, simply bring them closer together or fold forward onto mat and rest your forehead on it instead.


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