March 23, 2024

Grounding Yoga Poses

Grounding yoga poses can help us feel grounded, secure and resilient both on and off the mat. By cultivating this feeling of stability we can connect to Earth's energy as well as tap into our own strength and resilience.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose): Tadasana is an ideal starting point to begin any grounding practice, particularly after an especially trying day. Stand tall like a mountain and observe how your weight is distributed between feet, legs, hips, and back - this allows you to reflect on how physically, mentally, and emotionally you're feeling right now.

Downward Facing Dog: While Downward Facing Dog yoga posture is well known for strengthening legs and core muscles, it also serves to ground us by stimulating our Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra - representing Earth energy - helping us feel connected to Earth energy and feeling grounded. Focus on connecting breath to roots of feet for maximum benefit from grounding forces! To enhance this exercise further, focus on connecting breath with roots of feet which absorb earth energy more deeply while strengthening bonds to earth as you absorb its energies further.

Pigeon Pose: This seated yoga posture offers both physical and emotional grounding benefits, according to The Studio. By opening up your heart while releasing any stagnant energy stored within, this pose encourages heart opening while dispelling stagnant energy from both body and mind.

Start in Tadasana and rotate the right foot externally, stretching arms out parallel with the floor and closing eyes while visualizing Earth energy moving upward through your hands into shoulders and upper back area, then exhale to release back down again - clearing away any unnecessary or stagnant energies in this way.


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