March 17, 2024

Grounding Yoga Poses

Grounded yoga poses connect you with the Earth element both inside and beyond your body. This powerful energy can help ground you during life's uplighting moments (such as waking from a dream or sharing an intense kiss) which may make you feel off balance.

Pigeon Pose can also provide emotional grounding benefits according to The Studio, with this posture said to evoke the feeling of a bird spreading its wings and flying free while staying connected to its roots - helping visualize what's possible in your own life while staying rooted and stable throughout any difficulties that may come your way.

This traditional standing posture provides incredible grounding benefits on its own, but you can take your practice even deeper by adding breathwork into it. Your goal should be to breathe with intention of drawing earth energy up into your body while exhaling any excess back down into the ground for composting into future blessings.

Apart from physical benefits, this posture offers emotional grounding as it symbolizes strength, courage and stability. This posture can help when you are experiencing difficulties or simply need a reminder that you can handle whatever challenges come your way. Fall is an especially great season to practice this posture as temperatures change from summertime into cooler temperatures.


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