March 10, 2024

Grounding Yoga Poses

Yoga poses designed to ground your energy can help provide stability and strengthen your sense of self during periods of uncertainty in life. By drawing energy up from the earth to strengthen your body and connect you with its power of inner strength.

To ground, focus on whatever part of the body is touching the ground - feet, legs, hips or hands. Once firm contact with earth is established, other aspects of pose will naturally unfold from its foundation; for instance if in forward fold you could work to distribute weight evenly between both sit bones while grounding deeply into back leg as you lengthen spine.

Tree pose requires a solid base in order to achieve balance. Tree pose provides the opportunity to practice "right effort", as you balance leg power against surrendered torso weight to feel lighter and taller as you reach up towards the sky.

Once, humans lived most of their time directly connected with the earth's surface, allowing our bodies to absorb its positive charge while naturally discharging its negative electrons throughout the day and night. Now, wearing shoes and living in buildings interfere with this natural exchange; yoga practice provides an effective way of reconnecting with its positive charge, improving mood, reducing inflammation, and regulating circadian rhythms.


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