September 12, 2023

Goji Berry Rolling Papers

Goji berry rolling papers are a unique take on a classic smoking accessory, and they’re here to elevate your blunt game. These high-quality, tobacco-free hemp wraps are made with premium goji berries and come in four sensational flavours that will enhance any smoke session.

They’re the first flavored blunt wraps in the world to be made directly from real goji berries, a small bright red superfruit that’s been praised for their antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The goji berry’s natural, subtle flavouring is perfect for pairing with your favourite strains and won’t overpower or overwhelm them.

These unique pre-rolls are also terpene enhanced, making them extra aromatic and flavourful. These natural terpenes are extracted from the goji berries and infused into the hemp wraps to provide an exceptional smoking experience. The result is a premium pre-roll that’s incredibly smooth and satisfying to smoke.

Every pack of King Palm’s goji berry hemp wraps comes with two pre-rolled cones that are easy to fill and ready for your next session. They’re tobacco free and feature Model X filter tips that help ensure a clean, enjoyable smoke session. These cones are resealable and come with a packing tool to keep them moist and sealed tightly.

These high-quality, tobacco-free goji berry rolling papers are made with premium goji berries, a Tibetan variety of fruit treasured for energy and longevity. The goji berries are sustainably harvested and processed using renewable energy, so you can enjoy these premium smoking wraps knowing that your purchase is helping to support the environment.


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