January 24, 2024

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful Hindu mantras, used to achieve spiritual awakening and better health. Chanting it with devotion and concentration purifies body and soul while improving cognitive abilities and memory retention over time.

Chanting this mantra between dawn and dusk is ideal as these hours represent transitional hours when the sun has not fully set nor is fully up, yet. These transitional hours allow your mind to easily be diverted towards lethargy or negativity or elevated into an elevated meditative state radiating positivity.

Focus when chanting this mantra on visualizing a golden orb sitting at the center of your anahata chakra (heart center). Imagine merging your consciousness at your heart center with its internal sun. Repeat each syllable of this mantra as many times as it feels comfortable for you; use a mala (set of 108 beads for counting mantra repetitions) if that will help increase focus.

This mantra serves as both prayer and mantra. It petitions tat, that which is Brahman, to guide our minds and light our path. Chanting of it leads us closer to awareness of our solar Logos; some even claim its chanting brings greater awareness. According to legend, the strength and prosperity of a brahmachari (student), strength of prosperity for householders like grihastha (householders) as well as peace clarity wisdom of vanaprasthas (people who have left family life) all lie in their chanting of this powerful mantra!


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