March 19, 2023

Fuck That Meditation - Why You Need a Little Honesty in Your Meditations

fuck that meditation

Guided meditation is all the rage, with companies like Headspace and Calm offering millions of subscribers breathing exercises that purport to lower anxiety, help you fall asleep, and quiet your mind. But even if these meditations are helping thousands of people, they're not necessary for you to be healthy and happy.

The problem with guided meditation is that they usually only address the everyday stresses that have popped up in your head while you're trying to meditate, leaving you feeling more like an animal than a sage. That's why Jason Headley has created a viral video called "Fuck That."

F*ck That is a guided meditation that addresses the most pressing issues of our time. It's a hilarious take on the usual meditation video motifs – rolling ocean visuals and soothing music, all set to "gradually let the horse shit of the external world fade from your awareness."

It contains plenty of swearing, so be prepared for some NSFW language (if you have a hard time letting it go). But it also offers a refreshingly honest perspective on life that can help you find peace, especially in these times.

You've been working hard to make money, and it hasn't come pouring in. You're struggling to pay the bills, and you don't have much in the way of savings or retirement funds. You don't have time to spend on your hobbies or anything else.

You're tired of fighting it, and you're ready to admit that this isn't your best shot at getting ahead. That's why you need a little honesty from your meditation, and this is the perfect one.


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