March 19, 2023

Fortnite - How Much Health Does Raz Have?

how much health does raz have fortnite

How much health does raz have?

In Fortnite Season 6 players are faced with a new challenge: defeating Glyph Master Raz, a hostile AI that patrols The Spire. This is a difficult task, and one that requires careful planning in order to complete successfully.

Defeating Raz is not for the faint of heart!

While there are a variety of weapons that can help you fight Raz, mechanical assault rifles and SMGs are your best bet. You can also use bows, but they are slower and less accurate than other types of weapons.

Aim to get to a good distance away from Raz and try to keep him off your team for as long as possible. This will prevent him from draining your energy, while letting you use higher damage weapons that can take down his defenses and kill him quickly.

If you want to be able to survive Raz’s attacks, then you need to carry plenty of shield and health consumables. If you have a Med Kit, this is ideal for a quick healing boost, but even Small Shield Potions will do the trick as well.

You can also use Floppers to heal yourself quickly and easily, especially if you’re playing in Zero Build modes. These are rechargeable, which is great if you’re not able to quickly refill your health and shields.

Lastly, you can get a Mythic Bow by beating Raz, which is a weapon that will give you a huge advantage during a match!


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