September 12, 2023

Flower Petal Cones Don't Make Sense For Your Cannabis Brand

For any newlyweds, the moment of tossing confetti over the new couple at the end of their ceremony is one of the most magical moments. This DIY flower petal cone project is a beautiful way to celebrate this special moment without leaving a mess on the wedding floor (or your Insta photos).

This easy-to-assemble confetti cone will give guests the opportunity to shower petals over the newlyweds while still providing an elegant and beautiful photo op for the bride and groom. These reusable cones are also eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.

The confetti cones are made from high-quality paper that is both lightweight and durable, with the choice of 6 different coloured confetti cones to match any wedding or event colour scheme. Each confetti cone holds a large box of freeze-dried rose or hydrangea petals, perfect for giving guests the opportunity to throw a cascade of love over the newlyweds.

Rose Petal Cones Don’t Make Sense for Your Cannabis Brand

The biggest issue with rose petals as a weed accessory is contamination. There are strict testing requirements in the cannabis market around pesticides, heavy metals and mold, which means that it is incredibly difficult to source rose petals that will consistently pass these tests and be safe for customers to smoke. As a result, we recommend that brands use other floral accessories such as eucalyptus leaves, foil stars or even bamboo sativa pre-rolls instead of rose petal cones.


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