April 17, 2023

Florida Blue Summary of Benefits 2022

florida blue summary of benefits 2022

In honor of COVID-19, Florida Blue has rolled out the proverbial red carpet to provide a helping hand to its members. From the latest in telehealth to the best way to navigate your insurance plan, Florida Blue is taking the mystery out of health care and making it fun again.

Florida Blue’s latest offering includes:

The Most Exciting Medical Technologies (aka, the new fangled gizmos), a streamlined billing system and the most efficient health plan in town.
The most impressive feat is a member-first approach that makes it easier for members to access their medical benefits.
Having said that, the company is not ignoring its traditional legacy products: Medicaid, Medicare and commercial HMOs, PPOs and POS plans.
The company is also the proud owner of the largest network of primary care physicians in the state, a slick mobile app that allows for virtual visits with your favorite doctors at the touch of a button and a robust wellness program that rewards members for their activity.


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