July 9, 2022

Floating Meditation: Lack of Distraction

Floating Meditation

Floating meditation is a certain technique that is quickly becoming popular. The idea behind this is that while you are surrounded by water, and essentially floating, you are able to remove all other elemental distractions. Water itself has a very calming element to it. So the idea of mixing water with meditation takes relaxation to the next level. Check out the Floating Meditation below.

Floating Meditation


A lot of the time when it comes to floating meditation, you use a water tank. Typically, the water tank is completely dark and soundproof. The purpose of the complete darkness, and soundproofing, helps to limit all distractions. So you are better equipped to reach a total state of relaxation. Floating meditation has been around since the 1950s. During the 1980s it became very popular. And lately, we are seeing a new wave of people trying it. 

Why water? Water is believed to have natural calming properties. As well as hydration. The most popular sound on a sleep sound machine is the sound of waves. This is why we need to drink water to stay hydrated. Water literally keeps us alive and healthy. Dehydration can affect your brain. Causing anxieties. This is why water is not only calming emotionally but also physically. Drinking water helps relieve stress. 

Floating in water reduces cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that causes stress. Reducing stress on the body and mind is important. For mental and physical health. Some issues like high blood pressure are caused by high stress. Experts claim that the floating technique actually reduces this. 

Floating Meditation


Click here to watch a floating meditation 


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