August 22, 2022

Fire Meditation: Heightening Senses

Fire Meditation

Fire has been around since before man. Staring into a fire can often make you feel at peace. Much like the ocean. This is why fire meditation is very popular.  It has been around for centuries. Starting in Ancient Greece. At this time, it was used to settle disputes between people. Today, it is considered an internal meditation. It helps with concentration and problem-solving. It has some health benefits as well. Its main focus is inhaling and exhaling. Furthermore, it also focuses on visualization. It is a great meditation, and one of my favorites. It is great at minimizing stress. Or problem-solving. Because of its old roots, it is very dependable. Check out the Fire meditation below.

Fire Meditation

Fire meditation is a powerful meditation that works to heighten your senses. It aims to bring awareness to issues you may be having. And help you to find a solution. Furthermore, in ancient times, it was used as a preparation tool for fighters readying themselves for battle. Today, much like back then, it is commonly used when you are about to face something hard in your life. It works towards helping you find the tools you need to succeed. All while reducing stress. 

The goal of fire meditation is to help you become equipped with the tools you need to overcome obstacles. The meditation is intense, and internal. It works to raise your blood pressure. You start by engaging your belly. Inhale through your nose, then harshly exhale. The inhale and exhale breathe should be equal. Some benefits of fire meditation are improved clarity, improved vitality, improved confidence, and inner joy. 

When doing a fire meditation, it is important to have proper posture. You want to visualize yourself as hollow inside. Picture your skin as glowing. Inside of you is just an empty space. As you draw breath, you want to picture that breath filling up the empty space inside of you. Picture the breath turning into a ball of fire. That ball of fire will expand and become hotter the more you breathe. The more you inhale and exhale, the more the fire will grow. Until you reach the point where you exhale it all. As the fire exits your body, so will the negative thoughts you may have had. 

It is common to use incense or candles while meditating. The best scents to use for the fire meditation would be cedar, sage, or frankincense. Take a look at the video below and try fire meditation today.

Fire Meditation

Click to watch


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