April 17, 2023

FHIR Explaination Of Benefits

fhir explanation of benefits

FHIR Explaination Of Benefits

A patient’s personal health record is a powerful tool. It helps them communicate with doctors and healthcare facilities on a deeper level and improves their overall care experience. It allows patients to manage their health through a single application, enabling them to access all of their medical information in a convenient and secure manner.

There’s a problem, though. Many healthcare IT systems have grown up without the ability to exchange data seamlessly. Despite this, clinics, researchers and healthcare providers around the world are struggling to gain access to crucial patient data.

This lack of interoperability makes it difficult for clinicians to provide quality care and ensure the best possible outcomes. This is exacerbated by the fact that patient data can be fragmented and incomplete.

The solution is to build a master patient index (MPI) that aggregates data from disparate systems. The MPI will match up data elements and enable physicians to make informed decisions about their patient’s treatment plan.

However, building an MPI requires a lot of engineering work. It’s also difficult to ensure that the matching engine is reliable and scalable.

Another challenge is that FHIR doesn’t support security-related functionality out of the box. This means that it’s important to create your own authentication and authorization processes to ensure HIPPA compliance.

But with the right tools, this can be an easy process. This is why government regulations and software vendors around the world are encouraging the use of FHIR as a modern, open API standard for healthcare integration.


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