March 19, 2023

Fashion and Technology in the Early 1980s

in the early 1980s

The early 1980s was a decade of dramatic change in the fashion industry. Designers took on the blousons and ruffles of the '40s, added lace and draped textures, played with volume and experimented with colors.

Blouses - casual or workwear, button down or polo styles came in a wide range of colors and patterns, ranging from classic stripes to tropical or floral prints to pop art/abstract designs. Victorian style blouses with eyelets and lace were also popular.

Shoes - women had a choice of high heels and slingbacks to wear with skirts or pants for evening. Loafers and trainers were also a staple.

Hair - Men had their hair styled in a mullet, with short hair on top or just above the collar, and long on the back pushed or slicked up. It was a look that had a sophisticated touch and could be worn with a tie or braided.

Makeup - Women emphasised lips, cheeks and eyes with aggressive makeup. They used a lot of blush and eyeliner.

Jackets - Leather coats were a popular outerwear option for women during the 1980s, and they could be found in a wide variety of styles. Many featured zippers and hardware detailing.

Overalls - Denim overalls were another trend that gained popularity in the '80s. They were available in a variety of colors, as well as acid washes and wild prints.

The '80s was a time when music, fashion and technology were melded together to create a unified movement that would become known as "Generation X." In the early 1980s, rock 'n' roll, alternative rock and rap became mainstream genres. The '80s was also the era when dance music took the world by storm.


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