February 13, 2024

Fantastic Hawaii Adventure Travel Opportunities

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Begin an adventure that takes you beyond the tourist trap. Surf the waves, bike down Haleakala's volcanic flanks and swim with humpback whales before exploring ancient Polynesian cultural sites - you will enjoy every second!

Start off on an unforgettable 3-island tour through Oahu, Big Island and Maui with this relaxing 3-island journey. Witness graceful hula dancing performances; learn about Kona coffee production processes; visit Iolani Palace (home of King Kamehameha I); and finally experience Iolani Gardens - home of Hawaiian royalty like Kamehameha I.

Snorkeling with Manta Rays

One of the most sought-after experiences in Hawaii is night snorkeling with manta rays - an unforgettable activity covered by well-recognized media outlets such as National Geographic and Travel Channel.

These magnificent filter feeders use their gill rakers to capture small plankton particles, giving them their nickname of Devil Ray due to the frontal cephalic horns resembling devil's heads. Watching their graceful movements as they feed off plankton is simply mesmerizing!

The best way to see mantas is on a guided tour that uses banks of bright underwater lights to attract plankton, drawing mantas close to the surface while feeding. Be sure only to do this with operators who adhere to stringent and self-enforced guidelines designed to protect these delicate animals - it is also wise to avoid touching them as doing so may remove their protective mucus layer and expose them to disease.

Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Geology buffs will love discovering its fascinating lava flows and volcanic morphologie, while Hawaiian culture can be found interwoven throughout its beautiful terrain.

Hawaii Volcanoes can best be experienced with the aid of a guide, who will ensure that your visit is both safe and up-to-date with information regarding which parts are active or closed off from public access. Furthermore, guides have access to parts of the park not open for public exploration.

One of the most beloved activities is exploring Nahuku, a massive lava tube cave left behind by a river of molten lava 500 years ago. Other highlights include steam vents and sulfur banks - unique forms created by volatile volcanic activity that make for quite an unusual sight - while Alanui Kahiko offers another Instagram photo opportunity due to once being covered with hardened lava.


Skydiving while visiting Hawaii will leave an indelible memory behind. After receiving a safety briefing, you'll board an airplane and free fall from above the breathtaking islands. For those not interested, there is also the hang gliding option available.

Once at altitude, your instructor will deploy the parachute for you and enjoy an exhilarating ride over spectacular Hawaiian landscapes ranging from mountains and beaches to pineapple fields and Pearl Harbor.

After spending several minutes under the canopy, you will land safely and be met with pictures and video of your jump! Now it is time to say your goodbyes and leave Oahu. Depending on your onward travel plans, spend one last morning enjoying beach views from Waikiki or take an inter-island flight to Maui with its 2,000-foot Iao Valley and royal capital Lahaina.


Are You Thinking of Vacationing in Hawaii? Relax as You Glide Sail by Kayak Over a Charming Bay | Or Trek Lava Fields on an Exhilarating Bike Ride | Or Devour Delicious Kalua Pork and Poke | Hawaii Offers Captivating Exploration and Delectable Entertainment! Just remember it may be more costly to travel there, as well as their unique culture having its own norms and etiquette that may differ from US destinations; respect local customs by being aware of signage as well as hunting season will lead to a safer, more enjoyable visit.

Explore the island of Maui with a biking tour that traverses Haleakala's spectacular terrain - its volcanic moonscape, sacred Iao Valley and legendary sunrise were described by Mark Twain as "the most sublime spectacle on earth". Afterward, head south into Volcanoes National Park for an encounter with Kilauea's fiery eruptions and Thurston Lava Tube.


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