September 7, 2020

Exercises you can do from home during COVID 19

Since gyms are closed, many people are worried about how they can manage their fitness routines. We all know that everyone is upset due to COVID-19, and engaging in fitness activities has become more challenging. Learn exercises during COVID 19.

But it’s essential to opt for a healthy routine during these tough times. So, don’t panic because we’ve found some simple and quick exercises that you can perform from home during this pandemic.

However, keep in mind that exercising at home is not difficult, but you have to make it a part of your daily routine.

So, don’t spend your time sitting on the couch, stand up, and try these amazing exercises for better health.

Top 5 Exercises you can do at Home

From walking to trying yoga, these top 5 exercises will bring a new change in your life. The best thing about these exercises is that you can efficiently perform them at home without needing any equipment.

Let’s discuss these exercises one by one.


The walk is not only good for your health but also provides you many benefits related to mind. Since everyone is worried, what could be better than walking? If you want to overcome stress, walk for at least 30 minutes per day. You can easily choose the place where you want to start walking.

In case you are an expert, we would recommend jogging as it's also an excellent way to reduce weight and stress. It also releases natural pain killing endorphins, which are suitable for lightening your mood.


Everyone loves doing squats because they are simple to perform and can be done anywhere. So, if you can't go to the gym and want to stay fit, squats would definitely help you. There are different types of squats that you can choose according to your preferences.

Jumping Jack

If you want to start your workout, jumping jacks would be the right choice. They are easier to perform and don’t require much space. You can start with 30 jumping jacks, then take a break and start over again.

However, take a few seconds break after doing 30 jumping jacks to avoid any injury. The benefits of doing this cardio exercise include balancing heart rate, releases stress, improves mental health (that is much needed during this pandemic), increases metabolic rate, and more.

Skipping Rope

Jumping rope is an effective exercise for those who want to reduce weight in less time. According to the American Association for Health, doing 10 minutes of skipping rope can improve cardiovascular fitness. So, if you don’t like to walk for 30 minutes, you can easily try skipping rope for good results.

Besides, it helps to burn more calories and also improve blood circulation. However, before you try this exercise, make sure to start with 2-3 minutes to avoid injuries.


The best thing about stretching is that it doesn’t require much space. Therefore, you can easily do it at home. Doing yoga also helps to improve mental health and reduces vascular fat.

However, make sure to try different types of stretching for good results such as Ballistic stretching, active stretching, and much more.

Final Word

There is no doubt that exercise won’t help you from catching the virus, but it would improve your immune system. We all know how difficult it's to stay active during these days, but following a regular fitness routine would definitely help you achieve your goals.

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