November 29, 2023

Essential Tools Every Nurse Must Have In Their Mobile Cart

Healthcare practitioners use a massive number of medical supplies every day, from protective equipment and diagnostic tools to bed linen, surgical kits, and more. For this reason, proper, efficient medical storage is critical in hospitals. The right medical storage solutions and efficient organization can improve patient care and help control supply costs.

However, some studies show that nurses tend to spend almost half an hour per shift looking for misplaced supplies and equipment. Next to poor organization, inadequate storage space is another reason nurses spend so much time looking for the things they need.

Mobile endoscopy carts are one medical supply solution that every nurse needs, whether stationed in intensive care units or progressive care units. These carts store a number of essential items, including the following:

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is crucial in the medical sector. Supplies like surgical and disposable gloves, protective eyewear, disposable face masks, and disposable medical gowns are vital items that should be kept in all mobile carts.

Patient Monitoring Tools

A basic blood pressure cuff and a pulse oximeter are essential tools to monitor patients. These devices should also be tested routinely to ensure accuracy or indicate the need for replacement. Because these devices provide real-time insight into a patient's well-being, they are also essential diagnostic tools that you must keep in your mobile cart.

Suction And Irrigations Devices

A suction pump and tubing, a suction canister, an irrigation pump, tubing, and fluid containers are integral components in endoscopy procedures. These devices ensure a controlled environment. At the same time, a footswitch or hand control unit for the suction or irrigation device and biopsy channels are also key components in your mobile cart.

Biopsy Tools

Mobile endoscopy carts must also have biopsy tools. These tools include biopsy forceps, which are crucial instruments when collecting tissue samples. A versatile snare is another biopsy tool that can be used for procedures like tissue resectioning and polyp removal. These tools must always be disinfected and sterilized immediately after use.

While cleaning and sanitizing biopsy tools is crucial, you must also regularly clean and sanitize the cart itself. Dust and bacteria can collect on surfaces over time, so be sure to clean carts each time you count supplies or restock your cart.

Medical Documentation

Your endoscopy cart must also contain medical records such as patient cards. It's also wise to keep pens and markers in your cart to help keep track of patient cards throughout each shift. Keep medical documentation in a safe section of your cart.

While keeping all the right tools in an endoscopy cart is essential, keeping carts stocked and organized for efficient procedures is just as important. Make a habit of regularly checking inventory in your cart and listing disposable items that have been used. It is also wise to monitor expiration dates on items.

Categorizing supplies and using clear containers and bins is a great way to make monitoring supplies easier. Even so, you should keep a small stock of emergency supplies in a separate section of your cart.


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