March 19, 2023

Erotic Meditation

erotic meditation

Erotic meditation can be a great way to hone focus and connect to your body, all of which is key for having a successful sex experience. The practice can also help to reduce stress and increase bliss chemicals in the brain, which can lead to increased sexual satisfaction2, explains Lori Brotto, PhD.

Taking it slow

A key aspect of erotic meditation is training the mind to be more present and focused. This can help with all sorts of issues, including sexual dissatisfaction and performance anxiety, which often arise during sex.

It can also improve the sensitivity of your partner’s touch, which is linked to better orgasms2, says somatic sex educator Kiana Reeves. It also encourages a more open communication between partners and can help to decrease the level of orgasm-related stress in both parties, she adds.

Setting the stage

If you’re new to erotic meditation, it’s best to schedule time for it first thing in the morning or right after work. Then, find a quiet space that is comfortable and dark. Then, you can dim the lights and turn on some meditative music or an erotic audio app.

Getting started

There are many different types of erotic meditation, ranging from sexy breathing techniques to body scanning/pleasure mapping and even a type called orgasmic meditation (OM). The latter is a partnered experience that involves stroking the clitoris on the upper left quadrant for about 15 minutes.

The purpose of OM is to “increase pleasure capacity and sensation awareness,” according to the Institute of OM. The stroker lays on their back with their legs open and the receiver gently strokes the clitoris, using one finger. Then, the receiving partner adjusts the pressure and speed of the stroking as instructed by their partner. This can be a really satisfying and sensual experience, especially for those who haven’t been able to experience orgasm before.


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