March 23, 2023

Ergonomic Meditation Seat For Sitting in Seiza / Kneeling

alexia meditation seat

Ergonomic Meditation Seat For Sitting in Seiza / Kneeling

This meditating seat is carefully designed to support your lower back, ischium, knees, instep and feet. It also helps you find the perfect sukhasana pose (easy seated pose) to ease hip tension and reduce stress.

The Alexia meditation seat is hand-crafted with a high-quality, light metal skeleton and an internal structure that supports your body perfectly. It provides ergonomic support to the lower back column, ischium junction node, Ischial joint, knees, instep and feet.

It is also incredibly comfortable, so you won’t have to struggle with any muscle tension when sitting in it for a long time. Its padded cushions and light metal frame help your legs, shoulders, and spine to stay aligned so that you can get the most out of your practice.

Stylish Design With A Variety Of Finishes

The alexia meditation seat is available in a variety of different finishes including vegan leather, genuine leather, and fabric. It is a practical and stylish addition to your meditation area and will complement any decor style!

Faux Leather Is Lower Maintenance – No More Sticky Feeling

The polyurethane-based faux leather looks very similar to real leather but it is much less expensive and requires less maintenance. You can easily wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking new and fresh.

It can be used in your favorite meditation spot, on a camping trip or for lounge activities such as watching TV. It is lightweight and folds up into a convenient carrying bag.


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