April 16, 2023

End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

end of year dental benefits letter

If you have dental insurance, it’s a great idea to use your benefits before they expire at the end of the year. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans do not roll over unused benefits to the next year.

You can maximize your dental benefits by scheduling any outstanding treatment or preventive care appointments before they are due or finished. Talking to your Greenville, McKinney, Rowlett or Sherman dentist about how to use your benefits before the year is up can help you save money and keep your smile healthy.

Using Your Benefits Before the Year is Up

Some dental insurance policies have annual maximums that are set by the insurance company. This means that you get a certain amount of dollars for each visit.

For example, most dental plans pay 100% for a preventive cleaning, so it’s important to schedule these before the year is up.

Taking advantage of these benefits can keep your teeth and gums in top shape, improve your oral health, and make you more attractive to potential new patients.

End of the Year Reminders

Most practices send out these types of reminders to remind patients that their dental insurance benefits will expire at the end of the year. They can be printed on postcards, or emailed through your dental email provider (Lighthouse, Revenuewell, Solution Reach).

Personalize Your Letters/Emails Conclusion: Some dental email providers have ready-made messages you can customize to match your practice. You can even take your patient-specific treatment plan into consideration to create a personalized message that helps them make the most of their remaining dental benefits.


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