September 16, 2022

Emptiness Meditation: Two Stages

Emptiness Meditation

Emptiness meditation is much like a great therapy session. It involves a two stage process of self discovery. This is a terrific meditation if your goal is to look within yourself, for answers about your own nature and behavior. It also is a good tool for looking beyond yourself, towards the universe for guidance and understanding. Check out the Emptiness Meditation below.

Emptiness Meditation

A meditation described as emptiness might seem like the wrong choice for you. After all, who wants to feel even more empty? Typically people will turn to meditation as a way to avoid emptiness and loneliness. However, this meditation is actually a wonderful tool. It works to strip yourself of everything standing in your way, metaphorically. It is a wonderfully insightful method of meditation. The true goal of an emptiness is to strip away the true identity of a person. Once this is done, you are able to really get to the bottom of the why's and how's, and the purpose.

Emptiness meditation has deep ties to Buddhism. In the Buddhist religion, the concept of emptiness isn’t a negative concept. In fact, it’s the opposite. It is believed that everything and everyone is beyond our grasp of understanding. We can never truly conceive the meaning of life and things and people and objects. Even reality itself. This is why meditating on emptiness is actually an act of whole-heartedly taking steps to truly understand yourself, and the world around you. It’s a truly enlightening feeling.

During the emptiness meditation, it is important to find a comfortable place. You really need to tune into your mind and body. You start by scanning your whole body, in your mind. Take notice of how everything feels. Tense or comfortable, take it all in. Choosing to listen to a guided meditation is very helpful because it helps keep you on track. It’s a great way to keep you focused, and help find the answers you are looking for. Check out the video below for a great guided emptiness meditation.

Emptiness Meditation

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