March 11, 2024

Embracing the Irish Lifestyle: How to Settle In Successfully

Ireland is a beautiful nation dotted with mountains, rivers, castles, and never-ending fields. If you are searching for a unique place to call home instead of passing by, the Emerald Isle is a fantastic option.

The process of moving to Ireland is reasonably straightforward. Since it's a long-term venture, permanent residency and citizenship are probably part of the plan. If that's the case, this guide will be of great help.

However, if you are already in the country, congrats on the successful move. It is not the end of the journey, though. You still want to go from being an outsider to being part of Irish society.

These tips will help you embrace the Irish lifestyle and settle in successfully.

Get an Irish Phone Number

Getting an Irish phone number may not be at the top of your priorities during your first days and weeks. At that point, finding a place to live so you can stop paying for a hotel room or finding a job seems more urgent.

But as you will figure out later, getting anything done in Ireland is a struggle without an Irish phone number. Once you set yourself up with one, your chances of finding housing and even employment (usually a challenging process) will improve.

Things get easier when you start with a phone number, then an address, then everything else.

Get Connected to Utilities

A home that is already connected to utilities will make settling in a lot easier. If your home has never been connected or has long since been disconnected, you will need to contact relevant service providers.

Some services are provided by the government, like water. Utilities like electricity and gas, however, are privatized, meaning the choice is yours on which private company to go with.

Check out this government website for more info on connecting utilities in Ireland.

Keep Learning

You most probably did your research on life in Ireland before landing. But the learning process doesn't stop with surface info about history, traditions, and laws of the land.

Now that you are on the ground take the opportunity to go deeper. Learn as much as you can about the people, the culture, your local area, and the country at large.

The more you know, the more you will understand and work to get in tune with your surroundings.

Make Some Friends

Being a new person in a new place, in this case, a whole new country, can be tough. Faced with a different way of life, you can easily feel out of place and retreat into the safety of your own company.

Doing that, however, will only prolong your adjustment to Irish society. Part of embracing your new environment is to interact with the people around you.

You will find that the Irish are pretty friendly and welcoming, which will make it easier to create meaningful connections. The advantages of befriending the locals are many, as they can help you navigate the social settings and settle in better.

Explore Your Surroundings

The Emerald Isle is a land of natural wonders, from pristine lakes and lush fields to picturesque cliffs and hills that seem to shelter a long, rich history.

An immersive way of embracing Ireland is to explore its beauty and appreciate what it has to offer. For the natural wonders, the Cliffs of Moher along the Atlantic Coast are a must-see. Other magical sites include the Burren, the Ring of Gullion, Carrauntoohil, and Giant's Causeway.

Exploring cities like Dublin and Cork is also a great way of acquainting yourself with the Irish lifestyle. City attractions like the Guinness Storehouse, St Patrick's Cathedral, and Blarney Castle will offer an enriching experience.

Take it Easy

It feels great to want to hit the ground running and settle in as quickly as possible. But try not to let setbacks get to you.

Take it easy, as getting accustomed to a new lifestyle and place takes time. If you are having a hard time, remember that every day offers opportunities and not just challenges. Relax and try to enjoy your new home as you slowly get the hang of things.

Bottom Line

Embracing life in Ireland begins when you commit to putting down roots and being part of the society. With that resolve, you will appreciate the delights and equally have the drive to overcome initial obstacles and successfully settle in.


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