October 13, 2022

Effects of EMS Training on Lower Back Pain


The lower back is one of the most uncomfortable issues one can have. Unfortunately, this type of pain is quite common among people from different walks of life, mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle that has become prevalent in the past two decades. There are different ways to alleviate the pain, from massage to yoga, but it has been known that EMS training offers the best results. So for that reason, here are some of the positive effects of this training on lower back pain.

It helps people with limited mobility

Not all people have the ability to freely move their bodies and therefore, relieve their lower back pain. Therefore, these issues can limit the range of available movement, which can hinder the recovery process. Additionally, some people might also suffer from kinesiophobia, which is a paralyzing fear of movement. These two issues often go hand in hand, which can pose a serious problem for those trying to cure their lower back pain. Whole-body EMS training uses electrical impulses that activate the muscle fibres, which can be helpful to those dealing with limited mobility.

It can help strengthen the lower back muscles

Lower back muscles support the back, which is why it is crucial for them to be strong and elastic. EMS-assisted workouts can help strengthen those muscles that are often neglected. Building lower back muscles will also ensure an upright walk and improve posture and the way you seat and stand. Strengthening lower back muscles will also prevent lower back pain, mainly in the lumbar spine area. Regular EMS training on various parts of the body can alleviate back pain and promote stronger and healthier muscles.

A little bit can go a long way

According to the EMS research summary, doing these exercise have seriously improved the back pain for all participants in the research group. They exercised for 20 minutes once a week, over a period of six months. This helped them recover from lower back pain, as well as other physical discomforts. Research has also shown that dynamic training was more helpful than static training. So if you’re looking to treat your lower back pain, and experience amazing EMS training results, then feel free to look more into this type of treatment. Besides, a little bit can go a long way, which is great news if you’re too busy to exercise more frequently. Over time, you’ll see improvements in your lower back part of the body.


EMS can help build overall strength

Some people would love to be more physically active, but they’re also dealing with chronic pain that prevents them from doing so. Lower back pain is one of those persistent pains that can’t seem to go away, no matter what. Well, in that case, EMS can help, because aside from alleviating pain, this type of training can also build your overall body strength and fitness. It delivers fast results, and benefits can often be seen from week one. You can even exercise at your own home, but you’ll have to be supervised by a professional. Many studios offer the in-home workout option, which is an amazing benefit if your health issues are preventing you from leaving your home.

EMS is the best way to recover from any injury

Some types of training, such as EMS, offer a wide range of benefits. Aside from building all-around body fitness, EMS can help those who are recovering from an injury. You can try EMS if you have been dealing with a herniated disk or any other injury. Recovery can often be a long and tedious process that requires a lot of self-sacrifices. Implementing EMS can shorten the process and make it more effective and pain-free. Plus, if you have undergone back surgery, then you might want to include EMS training in your post-surgical recovery process.


Dealing with lower back pain can often be excruciating, mainly if you’re spending too much time sitting. This is why once-a-week EMS training can help you build muscle and get rid of lower back pain. Also, try to live a more active lifestyle, as that is the best way to ensure the health of your back and the rest of your body.


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