April 2, 2024

Eckhart Tolle For Children

This engaging story introduces children aged 7 to 100 to Eckhart Tolle's teachings about living fully in the present moment. They can learn to live full lives now!

William Ainscough stars as Milton in this light family drama film adaptation of Tolle's 2008 children's book and is bullied on both school playground and by workaholic parents (Mia Kirshner and David Sutcliffe). Director Barnet Bain adapted Tolle's message that dwelling on past failures or worrying about the future aren't helpful ways of finding happiness. Sara B. Cooper and Donald Martin wrote co-wrote Sara B Cooper and Donald Martin have taken it one step further by adapting Tolle's book's message that overthinking past or worrying about future outcomes is counter-productive way in finding happiness.

In this video, Tolle discusses how children's attachment to toys and material possessions is the first sign of what he calls "the ego" -- the process by which people falsely identify with things, ideas or even themselves. Furthermore, he stresses the importance of recognising and releasing old attachments so as to live fully alive lives.

Ulrich Leonard Tolle of Lunen, Germany has written five spiritual books including The Power of Now, A New Earth and Guardians of Being. Tolle also shared the stage with Dalai Lama for the Vancouver Peace Summit as well as retreats across the world. Based in Vancouver Canada he practices spiritual disciplines such as yoga and meditation and founded The Inner Peace Foundation before releasing instructional Presence Through Movement videos like Qi Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga as well as guided audio programs Meditations for a New Earth and Reist Nothing.


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