January 25, 2024

Eckhart Tolle and the Rich Man's List

eckhart tolle mansion

Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized for his teachings about the power and significance of Presence - an expanded state of awareness which transcends both ego and discursive thought - which he sees as key for human evolution.

Eckhart Tolle first made an impactful spiritual splash in the early 1990s with his book, The Power of Now, becoming an instantaneous bestseller across Canadian cities and into America and England.

The Power of Now was an instantaneous bestseller due to its profound yet clear examination of reality. Readers were also inspired by its personal touches: Tolle recounting his painful childhood and long period of unhappiness that eventually drove him towards suicide - before experiencing radical transformation through radical awakening.

On September 11th, Tami Simon woke to news of the Twin Towers collapsing. At first she thought her interview with Tolle would have to be postponed, but Tolle insisted they go ahead anyway and so the two sat quietly together for almost an hour in silence and rich textures that melded.

Eckhart Tolle often talks about the illusions we live under, and many of his followers become disillusioned when their favorite teacher appears on Rich Man's List and finds out their teachings come with such an expensive price tag attached.


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